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Voluminous Natural Curls: Mini Marley

It is a known fact that everyone desires to have maximum results with minimal effort. When it comes to styling natural curls that’s rarely the case. It is an intense labor of love that keeps a  Naturalista on the cusp of new products and techniques. The goal is for natural curls to always look their flyest while saving the Naturalista  time.

The winter season generally leaves most naturals retreating to protective styles for a variety of reasons. One biggie is there is nothing like taking off your bonnet/scarf, giving your hair a little brush or shake and walking out the door.

This is especially true if your life isn’t set up to air dry a  Twist Out or Flexi Rod set after you’ve spent damn near all day washing, detangling, and deep conditioning.

Mini Marley, on the other hand, lets her hair loose and recommends this style for winter.  We think it’s a really nice and easy style for a Valentines Day date night or dinner with the girls.

Press play and check the technique to achieve voluminous bouncy curls with a wand curler. She also gets into her night time routine for maintaining the look with flexi rods…

Push through Mini Marley!

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