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Goodbye Summer… Ponytail by Flawless Britny

We are on the brink of Labor Day and this style by Flawless Britny is screaming Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall…

Flawless Britny is forever killin’ creative styles on short hair. In this video, she does a combo of slim & thick braids that alternate over the crown of her head with a 26″ Water Wave Ponytail.

Girl, can we say LOVE IT!

If you’re out there rocking the short hair, this video reinforces that there are no limitations when it comes to the length. More than likely your arms will get tired but as you can see your hair will come out looking really fly! It is safe to say it will be well worth it, so don’t get discouraged, try something new.

Press play!

YT: Flawless Britny

IG: @FlawlessBritny