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Love Thy Self: Happy Valentines Day

Love Thy Self: Valentines Day Edition

Have you ever noticed that Valentines Day only seems to heighten the desires to be wanted and loved by somebody else? For some people anybody else… No Judgement! No Shade!

What continues to get lost each year is there is no better love than the love you give yourself. It is unmatched. Oddly enough, as humans, we are on this never-ending quest for love and acceptance that resides outside of us.

Simply put: searching externally for internal fulfillment.

The featured image is from The “Colored” Girl Project. The first visual campaign of three that celebrate and embrace black women and what her magic is all about.

It specifically speaks to many of the beautiful differences in shades, hair textures, and sizes that woman of color embody.

We shared this photo because there is so much to love about who you are and where you are in your life’s journey.

In short, words  to live this February 14th:  Love Thy Self

Happy Valentines Day