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Kid Book Alert: Yani & Shani’s Rainy Day

21 years ago two colleagues met while working at Vibe Magazine, formed a dope friendship, and have now written a children’s book: Yani & Shani’s Rainy Day.

The two characters  in the book are loosely based around around the writers  Ayana Byrd  & Shani Saxon-Parrish.

Yani and Shani are best friends who want to play in the backyard, but it’s raining outside. How can they have fun if they’re stuck in the house with nothing to do? That’s when the girls discover their special powers and go on a magical journey. One Yani plus one Shani equals a never bored two!

Did you know that only 3% of children’s book feature characters of color?

This is another declaration to young black girls around the world to  explore the power of imagination, be who you want to be , and go where you want to go.

No Boundaries! Shout out to Ayana & Shani!!!

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