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Kandi Covers Monarch Magazine


For starters Kandi Slays this October cover of Monarch Magazine mmmkay.

Now that we got that out of the way Amber Riley was able to get a pretty dope interview as well. Starting off with the return of the 90’s R&B group Xscape, touching on ROHA (Real House Wives of Atlanta) and Kandi’s business saavvy and the lessons she has learned along the way.

Check out this excerpt: 

The entertainment industry has benefited from 20 years of a candy-coated reign; candy with a K, that is. Kandi Burruss-Tucker is indeed every woman. Anything you want done, she’ll do it, has done it, and is most likely thinking of yet another way to tweak it. Her business savvy has been grossly understated but having a reported net worth in the millions…the proof is in the dollar signs.

MONARCH MAGAZINE: There has been great feedback from the Xscape reunion…how has it been being back on stage with the ladies?

KANDI BURRUSS-TUCKER: Ummm…being on stage with the ladies is great. You know, I feel like when we started to sing together it was like we never missed a beat. Now when it comes to doing business… that’s a whole other story! But, you know, I feel like overall we still like have the chemistry on stage when we sing together.

MM: What is the dynamic between you all now that it has been some years, everyone in the group has lived life…is the chemistry the same?

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