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Dope Hair & Dope Music: Keyisha Cole

Dope Hair & Dope Music, brought to us by Keyisha Cole

There are a handful of people in this world who can continuously pull off a variety of hairstyles in a variety of colors. In this case, Keyshia Cole is giving us life with this honey blondish bobbed cut. The hair style is one of three that comes out of her most recent music video for the single “You” featuring  Remmy Ma & French Montana.

“You- just played me for the last time, I’m done F$%&ing with..  You- keep coming with the same lines, everything but the truth. You picked the wrong one yeah…” – Keyshia Cole

The track is fly and embodies what we love most about Keyshia:

# 1 – Direct & To the point & # 2- Not here for the million man apologizes,  naw-mean!

Don’t get us wrong, forgiveness is the wave. The real question is how many times?

Another day tho’….

Today this artist brings us Dope Hair & Dope Music!  Press play now and thank us later.