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DIY Crochet Box Braids – Shameless Mya

Shameless Mya has come through with this super easy technique on DIY Crochet Box Braids.

Braids are one of the few styles that we can rock for a while with no worries. It is a really perfect match for anyone who doesn’t want to wake up each morning and have to figure out breakfast, the outfit, and the hair.

It’s also beneficial for growth, reestablishing healthy hair and even highly regarded as a beautiful transition style. However, no one really wants to sit through all the time it takes to do a million box braids individually.

Shameless Mya’s look fits right into the 2017  fall season and is super easy to do. She starts off with sectioned hair and adds braiding hair to the top sections to achieve the half head braids. She then cornrows the back into bigger sections to support the individual braided extensions that she will eventually crochet.

Now if you are not the best at doing braids or want to get better Mya has you covered with a previous video on her braiding technique.

By the end of the video Mya successfully created the illusion of individual small box braid extensions. This seems to really take not that much time at all.

Check out how Mya puts time back on the clock with this dope braided style.

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