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Eden Body Works Citrus Fusion + JD Winters = A Dope Style!

For all of our product junkies out there who are looking for something new to dive into,  JD Winters spills the tea on the Eden Body Work Citrus Fusion products, a dual line for hair and body.

Yes, you read that correctly. Hair & Body in one.

In this tutorial, JD walks us through her twist and curl technique with the Citrus Fusion butter and Mousse. She sets the style with perm rods, hits the dryer for two hours and, Wah Lah!

As always, her style comes out fly with curls that look lush and highlighted ends that look incredibly moisturized. As she gets into the takedown stage and begins styling towards her desired look, she shares a few tips that can really help maximize a twist outs life line.

Press Play.